About the Book

Does Santa Claus actually exist?

In Santa Lives: Five Conclusive Arguments for the Existence of Santa Claus, Ellis Weiner addresses this age-old question and comes to a surprising answer. You'll never guess what he concludes.

Go on, guess. You'll never get it.

Using many of the same arguments—and even some of the same words—employed by people much smarter than he to answer other, even harder questions, Weiner offers a brilliant step-by-step analysis that is as full of insight as it is insightful. His investigation touches on a myriad of topics, including the existence of napkins, the differences between birthday cake and fruitcake, and whether Santa is American.

So does Santa Claus exist?

You'll have to read this unbelievably intelligent (and unbelievably funny) book to find out. Because otherwise you'll never guess what the answer is.

Santa Lives!